Street Method MX - recasper

The Street Method MX

April 10, 2018 – April 12, 2018

US$ 299.00 (MX$ 5,599) per seat

What is this Workshop about?

This intense 3-day workshop is designed to thrust you into the world of street photography and expand the limits of your scene awareness. Join our hosts, RE Casper and Ricardo Garcia Mainou, as we document life in Queretaro, Mexico.

With Casper’s “Street Method” workshop format, our goal is not to teach you how to shoot like we shoot. Our goal is to explore your strengths and weaknesses, overcome the fear of rejection, develop a themed photographic series and establish a fresh new perspective in capturing urban life photography.

Over the duration, you will be tasked with selecting a visual theme and developing a ten (10) image series that best fits your intended narrative. This can be as broad or as narrow as you prefer. Casper and Ricardo will assist you in developing a series that best fulfills your chosen photographic theme. (Similar pre-work will be assigned upon registration)

Each day, our class will begin at Espacio Holistico SAI with a 3-hour conversation on the history of street photography, photographic vision, camera technique, anticipation, composition and more.

Throughout the day, we will explore the historic streets of Queretaro with real-time instruction, field challenges and a focus on building your photographic series. On the final day, we will conduct a portfolio review of each student’s photo series. Some opinions may be harsh, so please bring a thick skin and an open mind.

Upon completion of the workshop, our hosts will select student images to create a photographic-zine, showcasing the results of our successful workshop. Each student will receive a copy of the completed zine.

Who are the Hosts?

RE Casper

Northern California photographer, RE Casper, explores humanity with a camera and a microphone. Specializing in human interest photography, Casper continues to expand on a diverse 15+ year career in the creative arts and craves to share that knowledge at every opportunity.

Over the last decade, Casper has photographed the United States, Canada, Mexico and numerous Eastern Caribbean port-cities.

Casper is the founder of the StreetPX Photography Podcast. A bi-weekly show interviewing human interest photographers from around the world. Sharing stories of inspiration, exploration and fascination. StreetPX also hosts live audience recordings, panel discussions, lectures, group events and an active community discussion board on Facebook.

Homepage // StreetPX // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Ricardo Garcia Mainou

Writer and photographer based in Querétaro, México. With more than 30 years experience in photography, Ricardo has specialized in street photography, portrait and landscape photography as well. Since 2002 he acted as columnist and cultural critic for El Economista, one of Mexico’s top national newspapers.

He has written, translated and designed for several literary, journalistic and specialized publications, local, national and international. He’s coordinated several workshops on Film Appreciation, Creative Writing, Short Stories and Novel writing.

His books and short stories have won several national awards including the Rosario Castellanos (2001) for his novel “Túnel” and the José Fuentes Mares (2010) for “Cuando te toca” as the best published short story book in Mexico during 2008-2009. His photography work has appeared in diverse publications since the mid nineties.

His photos have received diverse awards in international competitions, among them the first place in mobile category in Streetfoto San Francisco International Festival 2016. His street photography project “Ghosts of the non-places” was presented on OpenShow during the Streetfoto San Francisco International Festival in 2017. // Instagram // Twitter // 500px

Workshop Requirements


The workshop will be presented both in English and Spanish so it is recommended for the student to be fluent in one (with some understanding of the other). Fluency in both is even better for the full experience.

Know Your Equipment

Please know, equipment competency is essential. You must be able to confidently operate your camera and be mindful of your surroundings while using it (traffic, pedestrians, debris).

Casper and Ricardo will not be able to focus on demonstrating basic camera operation, but will help with difficulties that may arise.

Required Gear

· Digital SLR or CSC Camera

· Wide Angle Lens (range: 18mm – 50mm)

· Batteries and SD Cards

· 5 Images Taken Per Pre-Work Guideline 

Recommended Gear

· Carrying bag (backpack, satchel, waist bag)

· Notepad and pen

· Water and Snacks

· Pocket Cash for food and drinks


Registration deadline: seven (7) days before class start — Limited to 10 seats — 5+ students required.

Each registration requires a deposit of US$150/MX$2775 to secure placement. The fee will be applied to full tuition payment upon application approval*. Deposits do not guarantee participation. Tuition must be paid in full no later than seven (7) days before class in order to attend. If the application is rejected for any reason, the deposit will be immediately reimbursed. *Please provide link to online photo gallery during registration.

These fees do not include air travel, lodging or meals. Snacks and drinks will be provided during in-house class time. All expenses in the field (souvenirs, reading material, snacks, water, etc…) are the responsibility of the student. Students will be emailed workshop specifics, with suggestions for lodgings 1 (one) week prior to start of class.

The fee does not include any local tax, so if you require a Mexican CFDI invoice, you would need to add 16% tax to the fee.

Art Murmor

Cancellation Policy

Things happen, plans change… What happens then? Don’t worry, as long as you contact us quickly. All cancellations must be confirmed in writing. (Verified emails are acceptable)

Cancellation Schedule of Charges

· Full Reimbursement if cancelled 30+ days before workshop begins

· 50% of the cost, if cancelled between 7 and 30 days before workshop begins.

· 100% of the cost, if cancelled less than 7 days before workshop begins.

If student begins workshop, but fails to complete all 3 days, the total registration fee will not be refunded.

* Please know, in the event of cancellation by workshop hosts, all fees will be reimbursed. We cannot be held responsible for non-refundable travel expenses incurred in the event host based cancellation. We recommend purchasing refundable air travel and/or travel insurance.

Have Fun!

The most important thing to remember… HAVE FUN! If something goes wrong… if you’re not getting the images you want… you’re not getting the exposure right. Whatever the issue may be, Don’t worry!

This workshop is about learning, networking and expanding your ability to document the world around you. The most important thing to remember, is to always enjoy yourself… Otherwise, it becomes work.

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