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Street Method Photography Workshop

This workshop is designed to thrust you into the world of street photography and expand the limits of your scene awareness. With Casper’s “Street Method” workshop format, our goal is not to teach you how to shoot like we shoot. Our goal is to explore your strengths and weaknesses, overcome the fear of rejection, develop a themed photographic series and establish a fresh new perspective in capturing urban life photography.

New Dates Coming Soon // Stay Tuned

Group Workshops Available at HMPC

Joining the team in 2016, it gives me great pride to offer my workshops through the esteemed Harvey Milk Photo Center. One of the oldest and largest darkrooms in the nation.

In addition to my normal 1ON1 Private workshops, I now offer group 2-Day and 3-Day workshops covering street photography and Adobe Lightroom. As well as, a menagerie of instructional street and nature photo walks throughout the most iconic areas of the San Francisco Bay. New classes added all the time.

Workshop Topics:

Street Photography, Mobile Photography, Adobe Lightroom CC, Light Painting

Dates Vary - Please view HMPC Term Schedule for updates...

Private 1ON1 Workshops

Are you looking to expand your photographic routes in San Francisco? Are you visiting the city for the first time and seeking a guided photographic tour? Or, maybe this is you first time with street photography and you’d like some mentoring?

While I have many group classes through the Harvey Milk Photo Center, it’s the private 1ON1 workshops that I most look forward to. A chance to work with a photographer with my full attention during a day, or a full weekend. Each session offers a unique opportunity to focus on your specific needs and goals.

Depending on your option, workshop activities include kickstarting your creative eye with a discussion on the Street Method process, a focused personal review of your work and an intense guided tour through some of my favorite routes in San Francisco. Be warned, it’s not uncommon to cover up to 10 neighborhoods in a 2-Day 1ON1 Workshop…. and we’ll have a blast doing it.

Options: City Tour (1-3hrs), Full-Day Tour (5+hrs), 2 & 3-Day Workshops

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