It’s Been a while…

smug%20 %20Building%20on%20a%20Cliff XL Its Been a while...

Greetings you wonderful readers and viewers out there. So, yeah, it’s been a while since I posted and a big “my bad” on that one.

Been one crazy end/beginning of year with job changes, life changes, pet concerns and a slew of other mind altering, time yanking, focus breaking situations. But, I am here to tell you, ol’ Cazman here hasn’t went anywhere. Still clicking away with that shutter.

As a matter of fact, I have some great new images to display from a recent weekend at Manchester Beach KOA…

KOA by the way, highly recommended option to just, get … [--Read More--]

Inspiring Weekly 5 – August 15

After a fun run on Indiegogo for my recent photobook release. I thought I would reignite my old “Inspiring Weekly” series of posts related to jumpstarter photo-projects. Here below are 5 interesting projects I have stumble across on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, that I feel you fellow photography fans will enjoy.


The best way to enjoy our passions are to help each another express theirs.

Sharing is Cool

[--

Got Inspired During Training


Today I attended a training seminar and got a little inspired by the beautiful architecture of the building in San Mateo, CA. So while on our lunch break, I just started snapping off tons of photos.

Here is the series I took and PP’d with my HTC One S. I seriously adore this phone’s camera. Being that this is a damn cell phone, the images I get are absolutely stunning.

Sharing is Cool

[--

Photo-eBook Released! 2000 Miles in a Vandura



The eBook is COMPLETE. I must admit, with my overly detailed nature of analyzing each and every little faucet, I thought I would never get this finished. I am sure there are still errors hanging out in the book. But enough editing…. and without further talk… I bring to you my FIRST photo-ebook.


Summary from the 2000 Miles Info Page

After living in Chicago a few years, my fiancee and I were given the unique opportunity to chase our dreams in a new land. So we dropped everything, packed the van, attached the car and made way … [--Read More--]

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