Moving back to film with a Leica of my very own!

Here is where I find myself. I’ve walked with my old friend, the Olympus EM5 for around four years now and truth be told. It’s getting a bit long in the tooth. Not quite at the […]

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“Through the Lens” Art Event – Part Deux

This past weekend, I was honored to again be a part of the “Through the Lens” art event. A showcase organized by Kristi Lewis for local Bay area Photographers of all ranges, hosted at The Parliament […]

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Caught up with Rey and Sandy at Pampalasa

On Sunday, Rey and Sandy (from the recent StreetPX interview) hosted an art event at a fantastic Filipino restaurant, Pampalasa in San Francisco. Thankfully the stars aligned and I had the opportunity to stop by and […]

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Booked Up for StreetPX Episode 2 – “Inks of Truth” in the House

I wanted to quickly announce our first booking for StreetPX. This week, for Episode 2, we are coming out swinging. I am proud to say, we booked two phenomenal guests in Reynaldo Cayetano Jr. and even the wonderful Sandy Lam lends some great words. […]

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The humble StreetPX studio gets a quick facelift

Dad always taught me… If your gonna do something worthwhile, its worth doing right. So, with that in mind and our first show under our belt. It was time to give StreetPX a proper studio. My […]

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StreetPX is Live! And I forgot to talk about it Here

It’s Live! It’s Live! The Podcast is Alive! Err, I mean Live!… I’ve announced StreetPX around my various social outlets over the course of the last week, but just now realized I am yet to announce […]

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Backup Wars, Return of the NAS

Well, I decided to go back on my previous word of avoiding NAS at all costs. Recently my current portable drive, backup approach hit it’s ceiling and I simply needed to find another option. So, […]

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Physically Attacked in The Mission District

So, umm yeah… yesterday, we were physically attacked by some basketcase in the Mission… A group of us from the local SF Street Photography group went on a photowalk for the afternoon and this lil’ […]

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Through the Lens Gallery Show 2015 – Oakland, CA

This fine evening, I had the honor of showcasing my work in a local gallery show in Oakland, CA titled, “Through the Lens”. A fantastic event, hosted and organized by Kristi Lewis, and wow, what an bustling […]

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Photographic T-Shirts are Coming, But I need your Help

New T-Shirts and Cell Phone Case Products Available Soon! But I need your help to make it happen. That time has come to open up the flood gates on my photography and incorporate a brand new […]

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Forget about the gear and embrace the lust

  When it comes to street photography, stop worrying about the gear. I mean, a little gear lust ain’t a bad thing. I get it often. Why? Because I’m an advisory hypocrite. Just like many of […]

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Fine Art Throwback – Chicago Architecture

Print Available Here It’s hard to believe its been so long since I took this image. Then again, it’s hard to believe the years its been since we lived in Chicago. The very city, with […]

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