Through the Lens Gallery Show 2015 – Oakland, CA

This fine evening, I had the honor of showcasing my work in a local gallery show in Oakland, CA titled, “Through the Lens”. A fantastic event, hosted and organized by Kristi Lewis, and wow, what an bustling […]

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Photographic T-Shirts are Coming, But I need your Help

New T-Shirts and Cell Phone Case Products Available Soon! But I need your help to make it happen. That time has come to open up the flood gates on my photography and incorporate a brand new […]

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Forget about the gear and embrace the lust

When it comes to street photography, stop worrying about the gear. I mean, a little gear lust ain’t a bad thing. I get it often. Why? Because I’m an advisory hypocrite. Just like many of us. […]

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Fine Art Throwback – Chicago Architecture

Print Available Here It’s hard to believe its been so long since I took this image. Then again, it’s hard to believe the years its been since we lived in Chicago. The very city, with […]

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Indie Bump: Crowd Funding Showcase “Deep Sky Colors, The Book”

There is so much awesomeness in the world. So many amazing interpretations to be shared, to be seen. We all struggle as artists (photographers, painters, illustrators, performance, etc) to bring our visions to the people […]

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Survival Tip – Listen to your gut

You know those moments, your walking along, that photographic eye just darting about. Taking it all in, mentally framing the world around you. You take a quick glance left. You sense something, but your not quite […]

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Olympus OM-D E-M5 – Three Hard Years Later

I’m happy to report that my aging comrade, the Olympus OM-D E-M5, is still rocking, rolling and clicking pretty… well over three long years in. How about a quick recap? Then [2012]: It feels like only yesterday, when […]

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Survival Tip – Be Courageous. Just don’t be a “Dick with a Camera”.

Viola! The first write up in my newly introduced, Urban Life [or street] Photography Tips Section, satisfyingly named… dum-da-da-dum….  “Surviving the Concrete Zoo“. Yay!…. silly string, applause, strobe lights… doves… clowns … ummm. No wait, okay, too much. […]

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2015 San Francisco Pride Parade

This past July, I had the honor of being asked to document my company’s participation in the San Francisco Pride Parade. Bonus, I got to be in it. Though I could have been, even if […]

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Instagram, that’s a thing

So with all the changes, I’ve also decided to put away my 1×1 format bias and give Instagram another chance. I’ve had a love hate relationship with this service for a little while now. Particularly […]

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Patience is a Virtue and Indecision is my Burden

Recently you may have noticed my site experiencing intermittent “down for maintenance” moments, then back up again with various changes, then down again, back up again, rinse repeat. This is because, A. My propensity for […]

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Oakland Photography Show “Through the Lens”

By the kindness of my buddy James Watkins, I got wind of an upcoming photographic gallery show right here in the East Bay. His friend, Kristi Lewis is organizing “Through the Lens“. An event intended […]

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