Survival Tip – Be Courageous. Just don’t be a “Dick with a Camera”.

Be CourageousViola! The first write up in my newly introduced, Urban Life [or street] Photography Tips Section, satisfyingly named… dum-da-da-dum….  “Surviving the Concrete Zoo“.

Yay!…. silly string, applause, strobe lights… doves… clowns … ummm. No wait, okay, too much. Celebration over. These are just ramblings on little things I feel are worth considering. With that, I will begin… clownless and two of the doves already died, so none of those

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2015 San Francisco Pride Parade

"San Francisco, CA"

“San Francisco, CA”

This past July, I had the honor of being asked to document my company’s participation in the San Francisco Pride Parade. Bonus, I got to be in it. Though I could have been, even if I had not agreed to shoot it. My company is just awesome like that.

But why decline such a fantastic opportunity to photograph this amazing milestone in US history. The chance to walk the heart the Bay, capturing the best characters this city has to offer and the best part is. The energy of this event was second

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Instagram, that’s a thing

So with all the changes, I’ve also decided to put away my 1×1 format bias and give Instagram another chance.

I’ve had a love hate relationship with this service for a little while now. Particularly because, personally, I am not a big fan of the square photo format.

Not that it is a “bad” format, no… because I like some wings on my birds. Some width, some space for more visual information. Never the less, it’s still a great service for sharing and getting

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Patience is a Virtue and Indecision is my Burden

Recently you may have noticed my site experiencing intermittent “down for maintenance” moments, then back up again with various changes, then down again, back up again, rinse repeat.

This is because, A. My propensity for indecision knows no bounds… This is my cross to bear, and B. After some stagnation over the last year or two, it’s time the old site received some love and tender, careful, but relentless updating.

I believe we are closing in on a final design, so you should

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Oakland Photography Show “Through the Lens”

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 8.03.37 PM

By the kindness of my buddy James Watkins, I got wind of an upcoming photographic gallery show right here in the East Bay.

His friend, Kristi Lewis is organizing “Through the Lens“. An event intended to showcase the works of over 30 photographers hailing from here in the Bay. With so many great artists, a host of numerous subjects and techniques will be on display and available for sell.

If you are a fan of cool ass photos, come this August 29th, head over to Parliament in Oakland

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